A d F o n t e s

(Latin: "to the sources")

THIS is What I Need.



If you scroll down here, it even has a matching ottoman.

It’s called a “Bibliochaise chair” and I WANT one…and I’d GET one…if we had the space. The truth is that we’d have the space if I didn’t already have so many book shelves… We’ve been debating about how we could possibly stuff more in our apartment (we’re out of book space), and perhaps that would justify getting it? Honey, what do you think?

This one gave me more ideas for our bedroom 🙂

Check this one out–looks much more comfortable…if it weren’t metal. Not nearly as space-efficient as the first one.

another chair

Then I found some really weird ones. Ok, so how do you reach ’em?
another chair

And then this wack shelf. Not exactly space-saving. And what if you need to put back a book you took from the middle of a shelf? Can you imagine pushing half of them up the incline to put it back? Talk about an organizational nightmare. Even the model looks annoyed.
wack shelf

And this looks cute, but dangerous. Bump it and they all fall.

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  1. The chair is ugly! And u’r right, it would only fit if you got rid of at least 4 shelves…

    Comment by Honey | August 17, 2007 | Reply

  2. Wow, we’re a scary bunch of ecletics aren’t we. I would love that first chair…maybe we could start a group chain and buy’em in bulk.

    Blessings, Tony

    Comment by setsnservice | August 21, 2007 | Reply

  3. […] came across this ‘beautiful’ piece of home furnishing at my friends blog (JD was at WTS for my first year, he’s now in Grad school up in NYC). I actually wouldn’t mind having this in my study some day…I know I have problems, […]

    Pingback by I have problems, I actually want would like to have this. « Sets ‘n’ Service | August 21, 2007 | Reply

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