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iPhone vs. Pre + Amazon

I had a thought today. So, I’m a Mac user and don’t use an iPhone (though I’d like to if I could afford it), but I believe that competition with companies like Microsoft and Palm can move the world moving forward technologically.

The question I’ve had on my mind lately is how can Palm seriously compete with the iPhone. I want it to: it looks like a fantastic product, well designed, and has numerous technological advances over the iPhone–especially via file transfer and the cards program. But one area I see it potentially really struggling is with media: can it compete with iTunes, where one can instantly download music, movies, lectures, books, useful applications, and more at the click of a button (…or touch of a screen)? Palm doesn’t have an iTunes and probably never will.

I think the answer is yes, but it will need to involve more serious dependence on 3rd parties–particularly Amazon.com. I know there intends to be a connection w/ Amazon on music, but it has to be bigger; here’s my thought: Amazon and Palm need to make it possible for Pre users to download–or, preferable, stream–movies, download music and books, etc. Moreover, I think Amazon needs to create an app store just like iTunes where Pre users can conveniently download them. And like Apple, I think Amazon and Palm should reward program authors with proceeds. Moreover, there needs to be an icon on the phone that one can just click to get to the store–you shouldn’t have to go to a page and log in. That’s obnoxious.

In short, in my opinions, if Palm intends to compete with the iPhone, they need to make Amazon their iTunes and follow Apple’s model.


May 10, 2009 Posted by | Miscellaneous | 2 Comments