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Did Romulus and Remus Exist?


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Ancient Nursery?

…or rather, did the Romans have a shrine wherein they were venerated?  It’s disappointing that this discovery took two years to be released to the world, but apparently Italian archaeologists have discovered a subterranean shrine located on the Palatine near the palace of Augustus, Rome’s first emperor, who is likely responsible for its creation. 

Apparently, the entrance has yet to be discovered:  they’ve only been able to lower a camera to catch a glimpse of what lay inside, which is responsible for the picture of the ceiling mosaic above. 

You can see some short video descriptions here and here

Here’s also a link to an article. 

They’re intimating that this may have been the cave where Romulus and Remus were nursed by the shewolf (…or rather, where the Romans thought they were).  It’s certainly possible, though I’m curious what about the cave would lead specialists to think so.  Makes much better sense to me as yet another example of Augustan power solidification. 

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