A d F o n t e s

(Latin: "to the sources")

I saw it


My wife and I finally went on a day-long date last week, which culminated in watching the Transformers in IMAX.  The IMAX part wasn’t intentional–we thought we were going to the regular theater–and ordinarily I wouldn’t have chosen it if I had the option.  The screen is too big and it gives me a headache and the pictures are often pretty fuzzy.  But I’m glad I did with this one–it really enhanced the experience.  I felt like I was there. 

The movie shattered my expectations.  It was awesome.  It’s probably the only movie I’ve seen in the past 5 years I’d actually pay to see again.  Apart from the fact that watching it was like living a boyhood fantasy, the plot, characters, cinematography, and everything were put together exquisitely.  After thinking about it for a week, I have a few other reflections too:

1) It was essential that the guy who played Optimus Prime in the cartoon do this one as well.  If it were another voice, I think I and many others would have cried foul.  Smart decision on Bay’s part. 

2) The only thing I didn’t like about Optimus Prime was that he went into too many quasi-moral grandfatherly reflections on the world.  It got a little old. 

3) Megatron was probably a little too “big.”  He was gigantic.  Not so in the cartoon.  He shouldn’t have been able to just rip Jazz in half.  But I was pleased that he was an even match for Prime.  Megatron’s lines in the movie were great though.  Whoever wrote that character deserves some kind of award. 

4) I think it’s a mistake that Megatron died and the Allspark was destroyed in this movie.  The cartoons would have left many possibly sequels that folks like me probably would’ve watched.  Two come to mind:  those construction bots and the dinobots are still out there.  Granted, if they couldn’t be credibly integrated into the Transformers’ cinema-world, then it could be bad.  People would say that they should’ve stopped with the first movie.  But if they could, it would be pretty cool.  But you can’t do it with Megatron dead and no Allspark.  And you can’t resurrect him.  Wouldn’t make sense. 

5) The last point notwithstanding, if they were going to only make one Transformers movie, they did a phenomenal job. 

I think I’ll probably buy it–I’m not sure my childhood can be complete without it.  I’m sure, if I have kids someday, they’ll think I’m an idiot. 

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