A d F o n t e s

(Latin: "to the sources")

Jared on Jesus in the Talmud


I first learned of this book on Paleojudaica a couple weeks ago, and already Jared Callaway over on Antiquitopia has reviewed it. Amazing.

Resulting from my 8 or so courses in Talmud at JTS, I’ve often thought of doing a project on Jesus in the Talmudim. I’ve always felt that it would be a nearly impossible task though because although the sugyot about Jesus are all well-known, to my knowledge the ones in the earlier manuscripts aren’t. And since the many of the passages about Jesus and Christianity were edited out of the standard Talmud (the Vilna) by decree of the Papacy, finding some of those interesting lost passages in the mss would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

In any event, I’ll be interested to read Schaefer’s book.

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